Open Source Toolchains to Manage Cloud Infrastructure



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Mark R. Hinkle VP of Community Twitter: @clouddotcom @mrhinkle Email: Open Source Toolchains to Manage Cloud Infrastructure 2 Introduction •  Responsible for Driving Adoption of CloudStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software •  Former manager of Zenoss Open Source project 100,000 users, 1.5 million downloads •  Former Linux Desktop Advocate (Zealot?) •  Former LinuxWorld Magazine Editor-in-Chief •  Open Management Consortium Conspirator •  Open Desktop Consortium Instigator •  Author - “Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration” - Thomson •  NetDirector Project - Open Source Con!guration Management Project •  Sometimes Author and Blogger at •  Start-up junkie, Glutton for punishment 3 Agenda •  Introductions •  Cloud & Systems Management Overview •  Open Source Tools for Cloud Management •  Creating Open Source Toolchains •  Questions (and Hopefully Answers) Cloud Computing & Systems Management Overview 5 Jevon’s Paradox and the Cloud 1865, the English economist William Stanley Jevons …the efficiency with which a resource is used tends to increase (rather than decrease) the rate of consumption of that resource. …in cloud computing increased consumption can introduces signi!cant management overhead despite higher hardware utilization and other bene!ts 6 Balancing the Equation: Creating the Cloud + = 7 Balancing the Equation: Managing the Cloud + = ? 8 Automation Balances the Equation •  MeatCloud, Can’t Keep up with Cloud Computing •  Devops & Agile IT Philosophy •  Script Repetitive Tasks •  Integrate Tools •  Automate, Automate, Automate 9 DevOps – Agile Management for the Cloud •  Agile, fast moving •  Smaller incremental change •  Increased coordination across groups (development/operations) •  Eye towards Automation 10 Management Toolchains Con!guration Patching and Provisioning Monitoring Toolchain (n): A set of tools where the output of one tool becomes the input of another tool 11 The Myth of the Nines Availability % Downtime per Year Downtime per Month Downtime per Week 99.9% (three nines) 8.76 hours 43.2 minutes 10.1 minutes 99.95% 4.38 hours 21.56 minutes 5.04 minutes 99.99% (four nines) 52.6 minutes 4.32 minutes 1.01 minutes 99.999% (!ve nines) 5.26 minutes 25.9 seconds 6.05 seconds 99.9999% (six nines) 31.5 seconds 2.59 seconds .0605 seconds Average polling interval for monitoring? 5 minutes? Even superhuman operations people can’t be alerted and take action in under 5 minutes. One outage per year could drop service level to three nines or worse. Open Source Tools to Manage the Cloud 13 2011 CLOUD COMPUTING OUTLOOK SURVEY 14 4 Types of Management Tools Provisioning Installation of operating systems and other software Configuration Management Sets the parameters for servers, can specify installation parameters Orchestration/Automation Automate tasks across systems Monitoring Records errors and health of IT infrastructure 15 Cloudy Tools •  Network Capable •  Cloud “Aware” •  Easy-to-Integrate •  Adhere to Open Standards •  Lend Themselves to Automation 16 Open Source Provisioning Tools Year Started Language License Installation Targets Cobbler 2007 Python GPL Red Hat, OpenSUSE Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu Fully Automatic Installation (FAI) 2000 Perl GPL Debian Kickstart ? Python GPL Most .dep and RPM based Linux distros Spacewalk 2008 Perl, Python, Java GPL Fedora, Centos Crowbar/Chef 2011 Ruby Apache ? 17 Open Source Configuration Management Tools Year Started Language License Client/Server Bcfg2 2003 Python BSD Yes Cfengine 1993 C Apache Yes Chef 2009 Ruby Apache Chef Solo – No Chef Server - Yes Puppet 2004 Ruby GPL yes 18 Open Source Monitoring Tools Year Started License Language Type of Monitoring Collection Methods Cacti (RRDTool) 2001 GPL PHP Performance SNMP, syslog Nagios 1999 GPL C/PHP Availability SNMP,TCP, ICMP, IPMI, syslog OpenNMS 2000 GPL Java Availability/ Performance SNMP, Zabbix 2001 GPL C/PHP Availability/ Performance and more SNMP, TCP/ICMP, IPMI, Synthetic Transactions Zenoss 2005 GPL Python Availability, Performance, Event Management SNMP, ICMP, SSH, syslog, WMI 19 Open Source Automation/Orchestration Tools Year Started Language License Client/ Server Support Organization Capistrano 2006 Ruby MIT Yes None RunDeck 2010 Java Apache Yes DTO Solutions Func 2007 Python GPL Yes Fedora Project MCollective 2009 Ruby Apache Yes PuppetLabs 20 Cloud APIs Aren’t Created Equal Open Source Abstractions API Language jclouds java deltacloud python Lib cloud python Fog Ruby Open Source Management Toolchains 22 Toolchain Concept Source: 23 Automated Toolchain Cloud Image Launch OS Install System Con!guration Application Service Orchestration Capistrano RunDeck Fabric Func BCFG2 Cfengine Chef Puppet Cloud: Eucalyptus OpenStack CloudStack Abiquo OS Install: Kickstart Cobbler Spacewalk Command and Control Con!guration Bootstrapping Provisioning Activity 24 Example: GeekNet Hundreds of servers, serving web, databases, and other infrastructure for some of the world’s most highly trafficked websites – over 40 million visitors per month. •  Servers are automatically built using con!guration management software (Puppet) •  Discovery tool (Zenoss) !nds infrastructure and populates a CMDB then spits out information to scripts that translate information to BIND con!gurations for DNS •  Monitoring tool adds hosts to polling tool (Nagios) to check servers for availability •  As infrastructure changes systems are updated automatically •  Servers can be spun up and managed in minutes, not hours automatically with little or no human interaction 25 Example Toolchain: Online Gaming Studio Questions? 27 Contact Me Professional: Personal: Professional: Personal: Professional: Personal: Twitter: @clouddotcom @mrhinkle Mark R. Hinkle VP of Community Open Source Enthusiast Open Source Toolchains to Manage Cloud Computing by Mark R. Hinkle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.



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